Certificate course in Gene Technology commences on Thursday 10th March 2005


We are happy to announce that Genetech Research Institute was established on 28th February 2005 as a non-profit member of the Genetech Molecular Diagnostics and School of Gene Technology. This is Sri Lanka’s first private not-for-profit scientific research institute and will serve as a unique model for Sri Lanka. Our mission is to be a centre of excellence in molecular research and promote a new performance-oriented research culture in Sri Lanka.

The core objectives of the Genetech Research Institute are:

  • ·To promote scientific research in biological, medical, chemical and environmental sciences in Sri Lanka by providing manpower and research facilities.

  • ·To perform independent scientific research, in biological, medical, chemical and environmental sciences, with funds obtained from local and foreign governmental and non- governmental sources.

  • ·To encourage private scientific research in Sri Lanka by providing facilities and a venue for scientists in the fields of biological, medical, chemical and environmental sciences from both the governmental and non-governmental sector.

  • ·To function as a venue for scientific research, for students who are pursuing undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in state universities in Sri Lanka.

  • ·To function as a forum and venue for scientific symposia, conferences, workshops, public lectures and seminars.

  • ·To offer research-based scientific consultancy services, and provide research-based industry solutions.

  • ·To develop through research, scientific products that will encourage the use of modern bio-technologies in Sri Lanka.

The Genetech Research institute is run by a Board of Trustees. It will carry out research studies independently and in partnership with local and international bodies. Genetech Research Institute will promote research from diverse fields by drawing in researchers from the University sector, other governmental and non governmental sectors in Sri Lanka as well as from international research organizations. The researchers will be provided with state of the art facilities and a stimulating scientific environment to conduct research of national importance.

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