Genetech; the profile of a molecular diagnostics facility

Genetech Molecular Diagnostics is Sri Lanka’s first biotech company. It is the only institution in Sri Lanka where the latest methods in molecular biology and gene technology will be used for the delivery of diagnostic services, ranging from diagnosis of infectious diseases, genetic disorders, to cancer screening. It will also offer parentage testing services, and testing of genetically modified food. Genetech will also become Sri Lanka’s first private scientific research institute. Genetech’s research will be geared towards developing better methods for a wider range of applications in molecular diagnostics.
Genetech has all the facilities to ensure that an international quality service is provided. Genetech possesses brand new, high precision equipment, which are used by leading molecular diagnostic laboratories abroad. Chemicals and other consumables used by Genetech will be those that are made specifically for molecular biological applications, and they meet international standards.
Genetech will also ensure that standards of laboratory organization, management, analysis methodology, precision, quality control, security and safety are maintained at levels recommended by international laboratory accreditation organisations. All the diagnostic tests done by Genetech will first undergo optimization and validation prior to being used.

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